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October 23, 2013

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Rock the House 2013

Pins for Auction

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~Bar Bound Betty~

Fresh Johnson

Fresh Johnson indulges in the best of both worlds; radio personality at Power 102.9 and owner of Elle R Jae Events. Fresh is madly in love with all things that yield music, creativity and of course New Orleans. She began her radio career in 2005 at Lafayette's KSMB 94.5 before moving home to New Orleans in the summer of 2007. Elle R Jae Events was born that following winter and refusing to give up radio for wedding planning, Fresh has been juggling the two ever since.

When she's not gracing the airwaves on Saturday nights, or cruising the aisles of Hobby Lobby for wedding crafts, Fresh is recording commercials and narrations for companies both locally and as far out the New England region. Fresh Johnson is also the spokesperson for the New Orleans based organization Evacuteer.org which specializes in emergency preparedness management. Since the spring of 2006, Fresh has also been an esteemed member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Incorporated. Her ability to grab and entertain any crowd has afforded her the opportunity to host Essence's main stage at the convention center for this year's Essence Festival as well as numerous fundraisers and events around the city. Nationally, Fresh was featured on Anderson Cooper's ‘Anderson Live' as a top five finalist for his Co-Host Challenge.

"When you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life" is the motto that Fresh illustrates daily.

~Bowl Me Something Mister~

C. C. Miranda

As an artist, C.C. Miranda is continually exploring the blending of classical technique with the fluidity and intellectual mind melding often found in surrealism. Growing up, C.C. Miranda was always fascinated by the quality of light that emanates from the Old Masters' work of the Renaissance, but found she loved the wildness and multi-dimensions often found in the work of Salvador Dali and Edvard Munch. After several years of self-experimentation, C.C. attended duCret School of Art in Plainfield, NY for three thrilling years of intensive training, where she learned the skills necessary to combine the widely varying styles into a look that is purely her own. The lucidity of work created by C.C. Miranda stimulates the viewers' mind to manipulate the layers of hidden imagery into a work that strikes at the very depths of the observer's psyche, often causing them to remark, "I have been there!", (psychologically speaking, of course).

Recently, after the death of her father, C. C. Miranda moved to New Orleans, LA to be able to immerse herself in more artistic culture. The change of location has added new dimension to her already complex style. You may sometimes find her painting on Jackson Square on the weekends.

"It's all written there in the art. One just has to take the time to see. I mean really see: not just what they want to, but what they shouldn't or don't want to. I paint from my soul, the core being of me, more that I could ever express in words. I'm just not done speaking yet."


~Uncle Si~

Carol Bailey

Carol Bailey was born and raised in New Orleans. She comes from a very large family who collectively are involved in numerous organizations and charities across the city. She is known by friends and family as "Tuttie Redmann Bailey" and has had the nickname "Tuttie" her entire life.

She graduated from Mt. Carmel Academy class of 1980 and LSU class of 1984. After teaching at St Louis King of France in Bucktown, she attended Charity Delgado School of Nursing. Carol worked at East Jefferson General Hospital as an RN as well as Memorial Medical Center uptown. She has worked for local golf tournaments as an onsite nurse. Her husband is an avid golfer but the first aid tent is the only experience she has on the golf course.

She is married to JT Bailey and has cherished every moment of raising three children. She is a very proud stepmom of Adam and Meredith Bailey. JT and Carol have one son together, Evan, who is a freshman at Georgia Tech in Atlanta.

Now that she is an "empty nester" she takes full advantage of her free time with various art and photography classes. Carol's tennis partner and dear friend asked her to donate a bowling pin for the House of Ruth Fund Raiser. Although she is the first to admit that she is not an artist she decided to give it a try. "Thanks Jackie for the encouragement".

Her pin, "Uncle Si" from Duck Dynasty reflects her love of Louisiana, her appreciation for humor and "THAT'S A FACT JACK!!!!!!!!"

~Heads or Tails~

Cherie Trudeau

Cherie Trudeau has had a knack for creativity since elementary school. Meticulous at a young age, Cherie would find herself at birthday parties working on a project long after the other girls were finished. Today, many years later at twenty two years old, Cherie finds herself developing that same talent as when she was a little girl. Cherie is originally from New Orleans but moved to Dallas, Texas post Hurricane Katrina where she finished high school and has received her Associates degree at Collin College. Cherie received many awards at the TAPPS (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools) competition in 2008 and 2009 and also received first place in the 2009 Plano Art Association Annual Members Exhibition. With an enthusiasm for the arts and a passion to create, Cherie enjoys a variety of media including painting, drawing, graphic design, card design and photography. Cherie plans to transfer to a University to complete her Undergraduate career while continuing to pursuit in the arts.

~Mister Big Stuff~

Charles Gillam

Charles Gillam is a self-taught folk artist and a resident of New Orleans, LA. He spent the early part of his life in Central, LA. When Charles was five years old, his family moved to New Orleans and his interest in art was born. At ten years old, he discovered the Jackson Square artists. He dreamed of becoming so famous that he could support his family. From that point on he spent as much time as possible watching the artists paint pictures and requesting their used brushes. This fascination inspired him to start drawing at home.

At 16, Charles met folk artist Willie White. He watched Willie paint for hours at a time admiring his subject matter and use of color. Charles soon developed a style of his own. He began working in acrylics and carving on "reclaimed wood". Additionally, he worked with metal and just about anything he could get. Artists such as Clementine Hunter, Beatrice Simms, Dr. Charles Smith and especially his father have influenced him throughout his art career. His wife and children are now beside him. This is a family building.

Charles Gillam is a visionary, an ambassador and supporter of community development through the arts. Mr. Gillam is a local and internationally celebrated Folk Artist who specializes in documenting and presenting the African American experience. He has created the Folk Art Zone and Blues Museum at historic Algiers Point located on the West Bank just minutes from the French Quarter in New Orleans. Charles also creates original works of art in his studio on the site.

With the advent of post modernism the art world has acknowledged the contributions of self-taught artists to the history of American Art and Culture. The achievements of southern artists have dominated developments in this century, as seen in the works of Charles Gillam, Sr., and his counterparts. Gillam's work testifies to the South as the "genius loci" or "spirit place" of African American art. It celebrates the profound impact the south and its Folk Culture have had on African American art over the past century.

Charles frequently works with children mentoring and passing along the culture, skills and passion for the arts. Mr. Gillam's artwork and sculptures are highly sought after. His art can be seen in the various House of Blues establishments and around the United States.

~Old World Santa~

Dawn Chauvin

Dawn is a self-taught, lifelong artist and crafter. After serving a 20 year sentence as a teacher in the Jefferson Parish Public School System, she was able to be paroled, I mean retire. However, on a separate charge she is still serving a life sentence as a wife and mother. Her defining moment as an artist was when she picked up someone's garbage off the street and was able to sell it on Craigslist for more money than any of her art. Although she is able to keep her curvatious goddess shaped figure she now has a better appreciation for the term starving artist. Now she uses her art and crafting to bring a smile to people's faces and help others.

~Zulu Tramp~

Lori Gomez

A self-taught artist who resides in Slidell, LA, Lori Gomez finds her inspiration in the Louisiana culture she loves so much. She started her prolific career in 2002 when her children were in school full-time. In 2008, her colorful designs were selected for seven miniature streetcars as part of the Young Leadership Council's "A Streetcar Names Inspire" public art project. In 2009 her passion for Mardi Gras Indians began, and she has been painting the Mohawk Hunters Mardi Gras Indian Tribe, who hails from Algiers, ever since. She also works with Vince Vance and does a series of paintings featuring Louisiana music legends. While receiving accolades for her artistic work Lori works from her home studios, creating large-format work on wood as well as slate and other media. This yr she was featured at Jazz Fest in Congo Square. Slidell Magazine has given Lori her own column where each month she will feature her favorite recipes and her artwork. Lori serves as Chair for Slidell's Cultural economy Coalition. Her work can be seen on her website lorigomezart.com and on Face Book at Lori Gomez Art.

Lori also has a community spirit. After the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, she began displaying a life-sized Nativity scene in her yard to inspire people in the area. Each holiday season, she has added pieces so that it now spans more than an acre and draws visitors from around the metro New Orleans area.

~The Mannings~

Michael Schiavone

Mike Schiavone is a painter originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but now calls New Orleans home. He pursued an education in Fine Arts and Art History from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania and graduated with degrees in both subjects.

Since then, Mike has worked in retail display for the major retailers Anthropology and American Eagle, prototyping original art installations and traveling the country to help bring those concepts to life, while realizing his personal artistic identity in different arenas.

He is influenced by a wide variety of sources, from the Old Masters, Pop Art and his more three dimensional display work. Now, as a full time painter, his work can be found in galleries here in New Orleans, as well as every weekend on Jackson Square.

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